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Propminge, harassment and propblock

Mr. Autist

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Your in-game name: Mr. Autist


Users IGN: klause and fartlover420


Users SteamID: ( klause: STEAM_0:1:148502327 ) ( fartlover420: STEAM_0:0:76390984 )


Explain what happened:

(Clip 1) So in the first clip you can see me trapped by: fartlover420. soon after the first confrontation I went back to USA spawn and saw klause having trapped two people in his props.


(Clip 2) In clip number two you can see the massive propblock of klause where another guy trapped in it.


(Clip 3) In the third clip you can see the amount of props klause spawned in the main street of USA spawn.


Video evidence:







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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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