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CP in MBRP Server


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Your in-game name:

Officer ShitNuts


Users IGN:



Users SteamID



Explain what happened: 

He was using photo frames and putting pornography of underage girls on them and trapping me in a box. I began rdming him after to prevent him from doing it again, i have multiple witnesses and will have them reply to my forum.


Evidence: I do not have evidence besides multiple witnesses, as even taking a screenshot or clip is illegal and can get me into a lot of trouble or worse. 

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1 hour ago, Believe The Hype said:

+Support actually that haguar weirdo got

banned for pedophilia but wus unbanned for some reason he needs to be comm banned!!


1 hour ago, joshboat30 said:

I was with a friend playing gmod when some Mexican kidnappers kidnapped my friend and I and trapped us in a rainbow box with a porn spray of a female who looks pretty young. saw the guy after he was banned cause he bought the unban I assume. 

I got unbanned because it wasn't a child.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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