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Pesse Jerry and Gab3T user report

Dinkster Actual

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Your in-game name: Dinkster


Users IGN: Gab3T and Pesse Jerry


Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/):  Pesse Jerry: STEAM_0:1:60727149 and Gab3T: STEAM_0:0:140311550


Explain what happened: I was chilling in my base when they came and started a raid, my friend and I defended against the raid and I killed them, they returned to the base and I kept killing them as they kept trying to get into the base, Gab3T was tracking me through walls and continuously locking onto my head and snapping onto my head through walls that he couldn't see me through. I have reason to believe the Gab3T (and possibly Pesse Jerry) are using hacks, aimbot and wallhacks mainly. I am also reporting them as they returned to the base numerous times throughout the raid, in which only one of them got in while Gab3T kept snapping onto our heads as we came back up (They returned and used cheats so we returned and killed them).

The issue here is Gab3T hacking and both of them breaking NLR multiple times


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. Saying "just look at server logs" isn't evidence

This is a 7 minute video I captured, at 1:37 you can see me jump up from the wall and he instantly locked onto my head before I even shot and sniped me twice (once up close and the second was a headshot from across the room in which he had no way of knowing exactly where I was). You can see multiple times in the videos that Gab3T was instantly locking onto my head and returning to the raid numerous times with his friend Pesse Jerry to destroy the printers I had in my base.

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