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Femboys Only


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Real Talk:

We accept new players, we vibe with veterans. If you're interested in joining the most active, most helpful gang on this server with some of the least toxic degenerates you will ever meet, feel free to reach out to:

/pm Patches

/pm Retro

/pm Astolfo


About The Gang:

Some of the most friendly and deadly people on the server. We have a variety of members from all over the world who enjoy different things about MBRP. We kill with kindness, and dominate with force.

If you enjoy listening to the same edgy insults over and over again, knowing the person saying them can't think of anything original, this is the gang for you. You will get hate for being in this gang, you will be taunted, and harassed. Our existence taunts every insecure person on the server, because nothing is worse than getting rekt by a guy in thigh-highs.

  Our Goals: #1. FemboySupremacy

What we expect out of YOU:

1: Be a decent human being, edgy people making edgy jokes are not welcome.









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