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MBRP 11/05/2022 Patch Notes


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MBRP Patch Notes 11/05/2022

  • New map update rp_mbrp_exhib_v14a
    • New Border
    • New Canada
    • New Sewers
    • New Hobo Town
    • New Easter Eggs
  • You can now move your thirdperson camera around in the context menu
  • The thirdperson crosshair is no longer laggy
  • Updated Dumpsters
    • Text showing rewards from dumpsters is now colored (Next restart)
    • There is now a 10% chance that you will either get a live grenade that will blow you up
    • There is a 10% chance a headcrab or antlion will spawn in the dumpster and attack you
    • There is a 5% chance you will be drugged searching a dumpster
    • Lowered the cooldown for searching the same dumpster
    • Full odds listed here
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