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I recently disbanded Inactive by kicking everyone and giving owner to @Liquid_Nut187
This was because I had my long hiatus and it died. Quite ironic right, but this new Gang will not be given up upon.

Introducing The ColdBloodedCrackas
- Ran by Fuzed
- Take Territories until we have MAX Health (If you want to keep taking for leaderboard go for it!)
- Allied With Minge Society & Scam City which means defend them at all cost.
- Impossible to raid, takeover or mess with.

What do we have to offer?
Protection from furries and femboys that need to be incarcerated
Possible dupe giveaways for gang basing
Territories whether if it's protecting or claiming
Eventually MAX Perks (Just help us out until then!)
Having alliance might make you less lonely lmao

I will not be accepting just everyone. If you are gangless and new, maybe. However if I do not know you and think you're a sabotage to our gang and its allies. You will be restricted.

Printers will be given to trusted. I want to still profit from this gang personally and not give printers to randoms that money whore. You will make money constantly if you just base with us.

TO JOIN: DM ME Joeyy#2806 on discord or find me in-game.

Gang Picture V1



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