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yaint slick, boy.


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Your in-game name:
wimpus schromperdoodle

Users in-game name:
Chill Like A What

Users SteamID:

Explain what happened:
User defended a raid that he
A) Did not advert counter to
B) Did not belong to the base.

This was a base solely owned by Maze. There was no KOS sign, nor any indication it was a group base.

Console logs show I had adverted my raid on Maze's base. Chill had, for whatever reason, decided to come in and kill anyone inside.

Upon asking why he had not adverted counter to my raid, he provided the excuse
This constitutes either an RDM charge or a failure to advert.

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Accepted, He was never on the door and did never advert counter.



Also when I get this comment, it tells me that there was some lying done.


We are all getting tired of the constant bickering and arguments going on between you all, and we will be giving out some punishments for the time being.
So please, this community is here to allow for players to have a good time. We hate to resort to this, but its been going on constantly. If you are in the group that gets punished, keep this in mind:
ANY in-game harassment/discord harassment by ANY of you will lead to an immediate 5 day ban, restriction, and content moderation. A second offense is a week ban/restrict/moderation, anything past this is 6 months.
Again, we would hate to get to that point. So please get along guys.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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