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Mike staff report

Freeze ツ

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Your in-game name: KKKomppaa (Before I was Bomppa tho)


Staff members name: Mike


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_0:1:49887586


Explain what happened: Basically I was just bored on MBRP and I decided to minge a lil bit, and I used ak74 as my target which he hated and I do realize that. I propminged a lot, RDMx1 and apparently Harrassed cuz I was targetting him. After that, I hopped off to play with some friends, and Mike dm'd me. He talked about my minging thing, and man decided to 6 months me. He decided to count EVERY dupe I spawned just to get the 6 months on me I guess ? Tbh I think it's stupid that I got 6 months banned for that it's like my first time minging that much and shit also dude why did he count EVERY fucking dupe I spawned ? Also the ban reason is 17x Prop Minge / RDMx1 / NITRP. He even said himself this : 20 Offenses is a 6 month ban. 17 + 1 (+1 if u count the NITRP) is 18 or 19, depending if you count the fucking NITRP. He even banned Fuzed for it And he did way less than me but he still ended up with Propminge x18. I think it's dumb as shit that I was 6 months banned for that but some man got a ban reduction even if he legit got someone's Facebook or something and I get 6 months banned for Propminging and RDM (Also the NITRP)? Nah dude that's just way too much.


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required! Saying "just check server logs" isn't evidence.) https://prnt.sc/onKIaVDEfVC2 https://prnt.sc/CWetJBSD4LEs https://prnt.sc/6AdHPR2nqNpW https://prnt.sc/zk633WVUv4Nd

Also if my ban can at least get reduced to like 2 weeks or a bit more like max 1 month ill take it but bro fucking 6 months is way too much. Also please free Fuzed with that appeal/report too

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