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Report on oxigen

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My IGN name is vinyl chlorine sups

His name is oxigen.

His Steam Account is STEAM_0:1:442201764

He's been making base outside the WH being president for hours with Kousky (Steam Account STEAM_0:1:198267099), which is fail rp. 

This photos were taken with almost 40 minutes of difference (the first one was taken at 15:19 ET, and the other one was taken at 15:56 ET)564548075_Capturadepantalla2023-02-14ala(s)17_53_23.thumb.png.6fe1231775660f3b95bf849992302aa3.png1563859959_Capturadepantalla2023-02-14ala(s)17_19_29.thumb.png.5b7ae06785f828a5f0789265dc4d8565.png 


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