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two dudes keep mrdming me lol


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Okay so these two opuim cooks keep mrdming me i was killed by one at first for no reason i had my gun out and said to him since he had his gun out "Hey dont point that at me" he then shot me and then i killed him back since yk revenge then he starts killing me or attempting to multiple and multiple times idk why they keep trying to kill me even after they kill me i left them alone and they just killed me again. here are the two steam ids. ( STEAM_0:1:63369507 STEAM_0:0:80331213) also there is a recording but there is no audio since my recording system sucks ass and i was listening to baby blue at the time so thats legit all you can hear i recorded 9 minutes of this and shortened to the parts where they kept coming over to me i recorded after all the shit since i got fed up i can dm anyone the video

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