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gorilla being an annoyance and not following the rules (baka)


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Daily problem$

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gorilla was placing down barriers where he is not allowed as an evil scientist and making it impractical to enter America 

1. as seen one of these is completely valid since its in a tunnel whereas the other one is placed not in a tunnel this rule was made pretty clear in the discord and given that you are on there a lot is a bad look for your staff application

2. I told you this wasn't allowed and to make it easier for me and other players to enter I destroyed it since it wasn't allowed to be placed and you said it was "failrp" i told you you weren't allowed to do that yet you just placed it right back as shown

3. this is just simply a disturbance and isn't fun when you make it hard for new players to actually play the game! do better gorilla maybe staff app after you know the rules silly :) 

4. all the other tunnels were blocked by patches so you couldn't enter the other ways if you wanted to


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I told him on Discord and he was extremely mad for some reason, definitely not a bad look for someone who wants his apps to get accepted. Argued with him for over 10 minutes over that btw. Clear evidence of an user breaking the rules, even after he was told he didn't remove it, for some reason.

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dude has absolutely zero self control and is not fit to ever be staff

When other people break the rules they get punished but for whatever reason gorilla is allowed to run around like a complete moron and break the rules to his heart's content just because he is friends with miskie.

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