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Llama Report


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Your in-game name:Swinelord


Staff members name:Llama


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_0:0:495281453


Explain what happened: I made a sit For an attempted random deathmatch and for over 30 minutes it wasn't answered and i first i was thinkin they may have been busy with sits but no sits were taken and i show in the video instead of taking sits he is rp'ing and rdm'ing others even if they were all in on it, it is still rdm and does not take my sit or others sits before the video i had already made a few sits and all went unanswered and all expired its sad to see a SeniorAdmin is ignoring sits as he agreed when becoming staff he would lose A lot of Rp Time and he said yes but seems to not care 



Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required! Saying "just check server logs" isn't evidence.) Labeled 1-7 in correct order timeline of events


















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in some these clips i was already in a rp situation. i cant instantly put down what im doing and take the sit if im in the middle of pvp/rp situations. 


this clip of yours is a good example of this. i had pvp'd with darkness & maze, and towards the end i was getting asked a question relating to rules by puerto rican gringo. (the osama you can see me strafing by) again, im not gonna shut him out and instantly take your sit. he was asking for help so i helped him.

the frustration is understandable. and i apologize if a slow response time for sits ticked you off in any sort of way.

while for a majority of those sits which you had scrolled through and showcased throughout the clips, i WAS afk. i was out helping my mom. so all those expired sits i was genuinely not there for. it was after that showcase of your chat that i got back. 

now to address us killing each other, as someone can make an argument I was running around RDMing, we were all in a gang together and had been taking territories and interacting all day, in these clips in the killfeed we were playing around. youll notice it was between me and the same like 2 people. On top of this, the killfeed alone doesnt show if something is RDM. it just shows the end result of the fight. so to claim i was rdming is very bold.

1 hour ago, Maze said:

I consented to being killed

if maze had any sort of issue with the PVP, he wouldve made a separate staff report. but instead he told you he was consenting to it

to close this, there is nothing against you. there was nothing targeted towards you, and there was no malicious intent towards you in regards to not taking your sit(s).

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- support

llama can finish his rp situation before he takes a sit

the rdms do not count if they consented to being killed

noting violates any staff or server rules

Arguing in a staff report 

Overall - support this staff app isn’t even a problem it’s petty and childish

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10 minutes ago, Llama said:

in some these clips i was already in a rp situation. i cant instantly put down what im doing and take the sit if im in the middle of pvp/rp situations. 

i understand that you were in a "rp situation" but you had died and came back to the situation.  all the clips are there for is to show you were here and activly playing and you died several times and were coming back and continuing as well as just running around the map not in any rp situation it seemed as you were avoiding taking sits

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2 minutes ago, retro said:

You cant expect us to drop everything as soon as a sit is made, give us time.
Its not rdm when its between people who agree to killing eachother

as it says in what happened i mention this has been happening for 30 mins he had time and was not taking any sits, i waited patiently for him to take the sit and even pmed him asking to take the sit as he was in no rp situation and was only running around as pro runner. Rdm is still rdm Nowhere in the rules does it say its not rdm when they agree to killing each other 

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