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4/3 PRP Update Log


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4/3 PRP Update Log

  • Fixed up the fastdl
    • Removed conflicting addons from FastDL
    • Reduce download times
    • Fixed missing materials and models
  • Pushed a few updates to police
    • Police now spawn with extra ammo
    • Added health and armor machines in the pd
    • Police can now fine vehicles
  • Added a new popup for users still on 32 bit gmod
    • Please switch to x86-64 if you haven't already
  • Added a model hot loader
    • This fixes things like the car dealer almost crashing your game when opening the menu
    • This will show up as soon as you load into the server and will take about a minute


  • Planned Updates
    • Weapon balancing
    • Fixing attachment vendor not saving after respawning
    • New ems vehicles
    • New pd/ems vehicle skins
    • Tow Truck Driver rework
    • Mining rework
    • And many more ideas in the works 🙂
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