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5/18 PRP Update Log


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5/18 PRP Update Log

  • Added Genovese Family Jobs.

    • These jobs will be locked they are being added to ensure that everything is properly set up on Saturday.

  • Removed Media Players

    • Due to a new GMOD update these no longer work.

  • Added Weed Sniffers to all Police/SWAT jobs.

  • Fixed bug with Door Barricades being unbreakable.

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6 minutes ago, xd lol 🇸🇦 said:

Trosa where is the mbrp update 😭

The plan is to switch hosts on the 26th which means MBRP will be switching IPs. Along with the host switch there will be a huge update that will include go karts, pet shop, taunt store, additional HUD options, and many more things. Mike has been posting a lot of what's being worked on in the Discord in the Dev Showcase channel.

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