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5/29 Update Log


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5/29 Update Log


  • Edited text on the Gun License Terminal to follow the penal codes (You may carry a class 1 weapon (pistol) as long as you have a gun license).

  • Fixed Disguise Briefcase bug with disguise briefcase not working.

  • Buffed Cocaine sell price.

  • Increased jackpot size on the Double or Nothing machines that can be spawned in by the Nightclub jobs.

  • You now have a chance of getting a Silverballer or FN Fal when robbing the police armory.

  • Salary Adjustments:

    • Increased Bar Manager salary to $250.

    • Increased Nightclub Owner salary to $250.

    • Increased Nightclub Employee salary to $100.

  • More information about the Sinaloa Cartel coming soon 👀



  • Fixed superadmins being unable to change jobs.
  • Fixed admin requests.
  • Fixed mugger being able to be spawned by players.
  • Increased damage pets can inflict to other players.
  • Fixed ( attempt to index field “Hook” ( a nil value ).
  • Moved Petshop NPC into spawn to prevent players from instantly killing your pets after purchase.
  • Added bullet clips around spawn to prevent your pet from being shot from outside of spawn.
  • Fixed bullet penetration on all m9k weapons.
  • Fixed president death hook ( dying as the mayor will set ur job to citizen if the grace period is up ).
  • Added two additional smaller wall safes to the bank and gold bars.
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