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New PD Uniforms


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Which server/platform is this suggestion for?: PRP


Name of Suggestion:

A: New PD Uniforms

Helpful Link(s):

A: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1438376108&searchtext=police+playermodels

Suggestion Description:


These are good, realistic PD uniforms i've used on other servers and they are very customizable, and accurate to actual police uniforms.

Why should we add this?

A: These uniforms are accurate to real police uniforms and I personally think they look much better than what we have now on PD. Our current uniforms look very GTA V esc and don't really look that good. These uniforms have all the gear officers use on regualr patrol on the belt and the uniforms have more accurate rank markings than the uniforms we have. These uniforms have options for different types of duty belts, vests, gloves etc. In conclusion I personally think it would be much better to have these uniforms while on PD and I want to see who else would agree/disagree with me.

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