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6/2 PRP Update Log


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6/2 PRP Update Log

  • Lowered salaries of Genovese jobs.

  • Added trunk system.

    • Hover over the key symbol to open a trunk. If you want to store an entity in the trunk press Left ALT and M at the same time when facing the entity while you it is near your trunk.

  • Added new EMS Vehicle (EMS Suburban for EMS Corporal+).

  • Replaced the Radio System for Police, EMS, IA, and SWAT.

  • Added a radio system for the Genovese Family.

  • Added a panic button Police can press instead of typing !panic in chat.

    • The cooldown is 30 seconds.

  • Moved the Government category higher on the F4 Menu.

  • Buffed M249 damage.

  • Added a Package Delivery System.

    • Any job can do it. You will go to an NPC where you get a package from and you are assigned a delivery point somewhere around the map and you have to deliver it within a certain time.

  • Added the Sinaloa Cartel jobs to the server.

    • The jobs will not be opened until 6/3 they are being added to ensure everything gets set up correctly with them.

    • With the addition of a second criminal organization gang jobs such as the Bloods, Crips, Ballas, and Grove will be removed. They will be removed once the cartel fully releases.

    • The Chemical Fiend will move to the Sinaloa Cartel as a speciality rank. This change will occur once the Cartel fully releases.

Future Updates:

  • Judge/Lawyer jobs
  • New Police Models
  • Bank truck system
  • Mayor Limo
  • Potential Bus Driver job 👀
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