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Fix Base Rules

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10 hours ago, ♔ Bp_Merk csgoroll.com ♔ said:

agree i get raided by crackheads in like 5 seconds now new rules are dumb asf and rip all my dupes

raiding on crack isnt allowed anymore


6 hours ago, xd lol 🇸🇦 said:

No they are not stupid lmao all I'm simply seeing is people whining and bitching that they can't simply afk in their base wait for someone to raid instantly kill them in 5 seconds


this was the exact reason we changed them. the basing dynamic was so simple it made raiding pretty much impossible. Long kill hallways with a bulletproof fading window that you just open and close. if someone isnt completely afk or not in their base then raiding is nearly impossible.


10 hours ago, robot246loop said:

Revert the base rules how they were before.

you'll need to be more specific on the rules you want changed so it can actually get taken into consideration.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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