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6/10 PRP Update Log


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6/10 PRP Update Log

  • Removed Criminal Organizations

    • We will focus on expanding the Criminal jobs.

  • Converted the Genovese Family to Mafia jobs.

    • The Genovese Family has now been made into 2 Mafia jobs: Mob boss and Caporegime. 

    • The Mob Boss job is an Exhibitionist job. This job will have a Pro Lockpick, Tommy Gun, carbomb, knife, and a frag grenade. There is only 1 slot on this job. 

    • The Caporegime job is a VIP job. The job will have a Tommy Gun, normal lockpick, and a knife. There will be 3 slots on this job.

    • These jobs will come with a radio to communicate as well as a team chat. To use the team chat hit u and type your message or do /g (message).

  • Added Body Cams for Police and SWAT.

    • Internal Affairs, Police LT+, and SWAT LT+ can review and look at these bodycams.

  • Replaced the police models.

  • Added spikestrips for Police LT+ and all SWAT ranks.

  • Chemical Fiend has been added back as a Criminal job.

  • All gang leader jobs now have a Master Keypad Cracker instead of a regular keypad cracker.

  • Gang jobs will now come with a radio for easier communication. 

  • Added a team chat for Cult jobs.

    • Hit U and type your message or do /g (message) to use it.

  • Organized the F4 menu.

    • The Thief jobs are in the same area now.

    • The Hacker jobs are in the same area now.

    • The Drug jobs are in the same area now.

  • Added Judge, Lawyer, and Prosecutor jobs.

    • The guidelines for these jobs are in the MOTD. 

    • The Judge job will require 8 hours of playtime to join.

    • The Prosecutor job will require 4 hours of playtime to join

    • The Lawyer job will require 2 hours of playtime to join.

  • Updated Gun Dealer jobs:

    • Gun Dealer has a max of 3 slots.

    • Regular Gun Dealers can only spawn in pistol, SMG, and certain assault and shotgun shipments.

    • Added an Expert Gun Dealer job that will require an 8 hour playtime to use the job.

    • Black Market Dealer now only has 2 slots.

    • Only Black Market Dealer and Expert Gun Dealer have access to the Foundry Table and Attachment Vendor.

    • Black Market Dealers can now sell Tommy Guns and Detectors.

  • Added Bank Trucks.

    • Bank Manager and Bank Guard can go to the Conveyor NPC that is outside the bank and spawn in a bank truck and do a mission where they will obtain a briefcase with money. You then put the briefcase in the back of the van and press the button. Their goal is to deliver the briefcase back to the safes in the bank vault. On the way any criminal can rob the truck by adverting bank truck raid and stopping the truck and then holding the button on the back of the truck which will release the briefcase.

  • Salary Adjustments:

    • Black Market Dealer has been increased to $75.

    • Mayor has been increased to $8000.

  • Mining Adjustments:

    • Increased all the sell prices of the ores.

    • The jackhammer will now cool off faster.

  • Mayor upgrade Adjustments:

    • The price of the reinforcement level upgrades has been increased.

    • Police will now receive a medkit, a Silverballer, and an M249 at level 3 reinforcements upgrade.

  • There will be a ban wipe. Anyone who has been banned recently or is community banned will not be unbanned.

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