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6/17 PRP Update Log


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6/17 PRP Update Log

  • Switched to a new map (GLife Sunshine).

    • To load into the server faster make sure to subscribe to the content pack.

  • Replaced the sit script.

    • The old one that we had has some issues so we put in a new one.

    • To use this one go to any place you want to sit down in and press ALT + E.

  • Added a new suggestions system.

    • Along with the suggestions system on the forums we have added a suggestions NPC at spawn or do /suggestions where you can submit suggestions and players can vote on these suggestions ingame.

  • Added a new heist system.

    • You can now purchase a robbery home and set up heist missions with your friends. These missions require you to do certain preparation missions and then once those are completed you can do a heist. 

    • Here’s a video showcasing how the heist system.

    • You can purchase a robbery home at these points.

  • The Camera Repairer job has been made into a city worker job.

    • Along with repairing the cameras around the map that PD uses to monitor they now repair areas around the map.

    • Here’s a video showcasing how the city worker job works.

  • A chef job has been added. 

    • Here’s a video showcasing how the addon works.

    • This job will be based at the burger king on the map.

    • This job will allow you to make and serve food to players or NPCs for a profit.

  • Added a base and steal tag to the weed grower job.

  • Gang Job Changes:

    • Removed Grove and Ballas.

    • Increased slots for Blood and Crip OG to 3.

    • Increased slots for Blood and Crip member to 5.

  • Slightly nerfed Gang Printers.

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