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Banana Republic

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We need more people! Give your soul to our great Saviour,ย George. We are a relatively high level gang that has been around for about a month now. we are currently level 40-41 (cant remember which) and only sitting on 10 members! The hierarchy system is set up so that the gang can function without the leaders. there are different roles for those who wish to recruit and create a small faction of their own. There are roles for those who can use printers and will care for the radiables, they will be the Banana Druids. there are roles for those who wish to fight and will have unlimited access to the fully upgraded storage. They will be given the title Banana Shooters (danny reference, if you haven't played the game go check it out). then there are cultist leaders who run factions and senate members that will give and take roles and decide the fate of wrongdoers. If your interested make sure to DM me as i can be found in the exhibition discord or reply to this post with your discord name and I will get back to you and give you a role. Hope to see you in the future! (i put a decent amount of effort for the love of George please join)

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