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Opium can be tedious

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Which server/platform is this suggestion for? (Forums/Discord/Rust/MBRP/PRP)


Name of Suggestion:

A: Can we Make Opium barrels similar to lean barrels?

Helpful Link(s):

A:¬† no links sorry¬†ūüę•

Suggestion Description:

A: When making opium, you have to go through a massive effort of just spamming left click in the f4 menu spawning in a million different entities to fill up a damn barrel. Surely there's something to be added that makes this easier. For example, the lean barrels are good because we don't have to spawn, drag and drop. or perhaps have a buy all option, something of that nature.

Why should we add this?

A: I believe its imperative we revive drug making. The moonshine updates were a beautiful modification (even if it was overshadowed by thug shaker emote) and made it a lot more fun than it used to be. Opium is a great money maker, but man it's a pain in the ass to do. We demand something more sophisticated for opium making. Right now, it's just spend four years to fill a barrel then cook.

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