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Exhibition DarkRP Survey


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Exhibition DarkRP Survey

I have seen a lot of people asking about DarkRP, so we have decided to make a survey to gather people's thoughts about a potential DarkRP relaunch.

Keep in mind we are currently only considering the idea. We have made this survey as a way to gather feedback on if people want a DarkRP and what they would want to see in a DarkRP. You are only limited to one response, so please put as much information as you can in this survey. If you have anything further you want to suggest that you can't on this survey my dms are open to anyone. 


Here's a link to the survey https://forms.gle/shcCKrKKGmSvxnDf9 once you complete this survey you may request the "Surveyor 23-now" role in the Discord. If you are currently not in the Discord here's a link to the Discord https://discord.gg/exhibition.

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