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299hours 19min

I think I should be accepted because I want the server to be better, as well make sure rules are enforced, I'm currently only playing this server because personally its my favorite and I genuinely love the server and wish to make it better because when the server restarts at 3am (pst) no admins are on and the server is total havoc so by being moderator people can still call me if anything happens and ill be there to help them with their issue. I have always have wanted to be an moderator, I have great leadership skills and I can help improve the community by helping people and giving ideas for better server overall, I also like  helping new players learn how to play the server and help teach them the rules so they can become a better Mexican border rp member. As conclusion I'd love to become a part of the staff team and help the community overall. 

 when school begins i can play after 5 to 9 and on weekends I'm able to play all day.

very familiar 

yes I'm aware and will gladly spend most of my hours being a moderator

yes I am aware and will start to be more active on the forums and discord






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You may reapply in 1 week

Follow the Format


Copy and Paste the questions onto your applications and answer them

You need to add a poll (Here's a tutorial on how to add a poll)

Use your SteamID not SteamID 64 (Your SteamID should look something like this STEAM_0:1:44993302)
I know you got a bypass in terms of required post count, but I strongly recommend that you post on the forum so you can get more known in the community

My personal recommendations is to look through previous applications and look how they formatted their applications



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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