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Community Contest: WH Build


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Best White House Build Competition

This competition is as simple as it sounds, make a good white house build and post pictures of it here!
There will be
5 Winners in this competition, all 5 builds will be featured in the server in the upcoming update for all players to use.



1st Place:
2,500 Credits

2nd Place:
2,000 Credits

3rd Place:
1,750 Credits

4th Place:
1,350 Credits

5th Place:
1,000 Credits



  1. You must build this on the Exhibition server.
  2. The build must follow all the server rules.
  3. You may not use more than 35 props for these builds.
  4. Only one person can make the build (Only one person will be rewarded for the build)
  5. You may only submit one build
    Failure to follow these rules will result in an automatic disqualification.






Contest ends 9/24/2023
Winners will be chosen on 9/25/2023

Good Luck!

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Thanks to everyone who participated


The winners are:

1st Place: Knives Only

2nd Place: Ryan321

3rd Place: Red Forman

4th Place: arrowkeys

5th Place: Xd Lol

DM any manager on Discord for your credits

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