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DarkRP Server Rules


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Exhibition DarkRP Rules

General Rules



  1. Use common sense.
  2. Do not use macros, autoclickers, or any program that interacts with the game to give you an advantage.
  3. If there is a job-specific rule category for a job, the rules for jobs take priority over other rules.
  4. Any form of baiting players to break rules will result in a jail/ban.
  5. Do not use racial/homophobic/generally offensive slurs or be overly offensive to other players/staff.
  6. Staff is here to help. If no rule is listed or its specifications, staff may tell you what is and isn't allowed. 
  7. You are required to advert OVER after completing any advert.
  8. You may KOS (Kill on Sight) anyone on your property past your owned door without a KOS sign (Dealers excluded)
  9. Spamming of any kind is not allowed.
  10. Do not staff the staff members.
  11. Do not disconnect, suicide, change jobs, change names, etc. to get out of a roleplay/staff situation. This will result in a harsher or additional punishment.
  12. You may only demote for non RP reasons ( Do not demote if staff are online )
  13. Do not break NLR. NLR time is 10 minutes and only applies to RP situations.
  14. You may not destroy other player's entities without a valid reason. (i.e. raiding or stealing) 
  15. Harassment is not allowed and will result in a ban if found harassing players/staff members!
  16. Scamming is not allowed. ExhibitionRP is not responsible for any issues with real currency for in-game currency transactions. 
  17. Do not break Mayor’s Grace. Mayor’s Grace is a 10 minute period that starts when the mayor is first elected, during this period of time you may not harm the PD or the mayor. (You may kill/damage the mayor if he shoots you first.)
  18. Do not mug/kidnap/kill AFK miners.
  19. Do not use props to float or fly to a higher point on the map( Prop surfing)
  20. Do not leave to avoid an RP situation. (LTARP)
  21. Breaking your hitbox in any way is not allowed
  22. You may not advertise custom classes or selling of real life money transactions for in-game money in OOC, Advert, E2, EGP, Textscreens
  23. You may only place a hit on the same person once every 5 minutes
  24. You may NOT kidnap players to throw them into the sewers or areas that they can't get out of
  25. When you have been warned by other players, you become KOS for 60 seconds if you do not attempt to leave.

Basing Guidelines

  1. All default properties are behind purchasable doors, but may extend up to sidewalk/road
  2. No one besides hobos/street performers/merchants may build on the sidewalk. No one may build on the street.
  3. You cannot raid public bases. Some people just wanna chill, don't ruin their fun if they have no goods in their public base.
    1. Must have a sign that says "public base"
    2. May not have any raidables. (Weapon shelves are considered raidable)
  4. Each normal fading door must have keypads placed near the door, each lasting a minimum of 5 seconds.
  5. You may not place no collided props in or around entrance fading doors.
  6. You must be able to lock-pick and keypad crack through an entire base.
  7. Entrances are to be clear and obvious. Hidden entrances are not allowed.
  8. Roof bases must have a clear and simple ramp/ladder leading up to the roof, the ramp must be at least 1 player wide.
  9. All Keypads/Buttons must have a purpose. (no fake keypads)
  10. You may not have tunnels that lead to NPCs to sell weed, meth, etc.
  11. You can not base underwater if it does not lead to an ownable property. You may not KOS underwater.
  12. You may not set up toll booths/checkpoints/walls/etc unless specified in job rules
  13. Text screens must be visible at all times. If a staff member asks you to remove or change a text screen, you must remove/change it.
  14. When owning a base it is considered to be private property. This excludes All Shops, Casinos and Fight Club arenas, as these are considered to be open to the public.
  15. You may not use no-collided walk-in props or props where you can walk in and not receive damage.
  16. You may not base on/cut off roads. You may not base in/cut off tunnels leading to other parts of the map. You may base in dead-end tunnels.
  17. Blackout bases are not allowed. Blackout bases are defined as bases with no direction once entered. The entrance, exit, and all fading doors must be clearly visible at all times and be distinguishable from the rest of the base.
  18. You may only have (3) fading doors.
  19. Crouch, jump, parkour, puzzle, or maze bases are not allowed. Your base must have a simple entrance with no advantages.
    1. You may have zig-zag bases, you are allowed three 180 degree turns OR four 90 degree turns.
  20. Hobos and Street Performers are the only class to build on the sidewalks or fountain. You may not block access to property, entities, NPCs, etc.
  21. Structures found to be too large may be requested to be removed by staff members.
  22. KOS Signs advise players where your property line is. Ramps, stairs or alleyways are REQUIRED to have KOS signs. KOS signs may not include: loitering, talking, looking at a base, shooting at the base, being annoying, etc.
  23. "Building" signs protect a base from being raided. Your base may not contain raidables while under the protection of a "Building" sign.
  24. Your base must be designed so both the attackers and defenders can see each other while shooting. Defenders may not blind fire through opaque props or shoot someone who is unable to see them. Raiders may blind fire through any prop or map wall. One way viewing is not allowed in a base if it contains raidables, you must use cameras or transparent props to obtain the location of a raider. One-way shooting is not allowed (Shooting from positions a perpetrator cannot shoot you back from). Any shooting gaps must be equal to or bigger than the width and height of cube05x05x025.
  25. You may not FDA/Fading Door Abuse. (Using your fading door binds and E2 doors in an RP situation)
  26. The accessible part of your fading doors (accessible to lockpick) must be at least the width and height of "plate025x05"
  27. Hobos are exempt from rules 7 and 19.
  28. The width of the tunnel containing your fading doors must be at least the width 2 players. This does not include map walls.
  29. You may have up to three shooting windows controlled by buttons or keypads, the window must be at least the size of cube075x1x075.

Wardrobe Rules

  1. If a staff member asks you to remove your model, you must remove your model.
  2. No X-Rated or Explicit Models.
  3. You may not use any models that resemble police, jobs that are KOS, or the bank guards/manager.
  4. Your model must not change your hitbox.
  5. No Invisible or Translucent Models.
  6. Your model must be humanoid in shape and match your hitbox.
  7. Models may not be excessively large. Staff may decide whether a model is too large.
  8. Models must not clip into the ground in any way.
  9. The head and limbs of your model must be in the same place as your hitbox

( If you abuse these rules you will have the wardrobe addon taken away from you/your custom class without refund )


  1. You must advert "RAID" before raiding a base. You must wait 5 MINUTES before doing another raid. 20 MINUTES for the same base. 
    1. Raids may not exceed ten minutes.
    2. NLR and Raid Cooldowns do NOT apply to bases with an active money silo.
    3. When a Money Silo timer ends, any ongoing raid on that base is considered over. Therefore raiders should advert "Over" and leave the base immediately. You may NOT allow anyone to destroy your silo, and you may not destroy a silo owned by your gang, party, or anyone associated with you. This will result in a wipe / ban.
  2. Parties may advert "PARTY" then the action they are adverting ( RAID, MUG, KIDNAP, ETC ) letting all party members participate in that action together. Anyone involved is placed under cooldown for said action.
  3. You must advert BEFORE doing the actions for your job!
  4. Universal binds are not allowed! (Multiple adverts in one)
  5. If you are in a party, you may defend your party members if they are damaged, kidnapped, mugged, raided, or killed. (Damage/action must be done first)
  6. Raids must be adverted outside homes. You may not raid hobos. You may not raid a base if it clearly has no raidables (Ex. Empty base with no props and all doors open)
  7. You must advert "MUG" within your advert. You must specify what you want from the victim within your advert. You must give the victim 10 seconds before you can shoot them. Mugging amounts cannot exceed $10,000.
  8. You may mug every 10 MINUTES on individual players, and 20 MINUTES on the same player.
  9. In muggings you may refuse to drop money, but may be killed for refusing.
    1. You may not kill your mugger unless you outnumber your mugger.
  10. You may only STEAL once per 5 MINUTES. (YOU MUST ADVERT STEAL) 
  11. You may only counter crimes (Raiding, Mugging, Kidnapping, Stealing, etc.) (YOU MUST ADVERT COUNTER)
  12. You may Warn players to step away from you if they are following you, trying to disturb you, or on the property you or your party members own. 
  13. You must advert "KIDNAP" before knocking out your victim. You must wait 5 MINUTES for different people and 30 MINUTES on the same player
  14. You may only charge a maximum of $25,000 from your victim in order to release them.
  15. You may only keep your kidnapped victim for a maximum of 5 MINUTES.
  16. You must advert "BANK RAID" before raiding the bank. You must wait 20 MINUTES before doing another bank raid.
  17. You must advert "Kill me" if you want a player to kill you.

Expression 2 Rules:

  1. E2 abuse of any kind will result in lose of access of E2 along with a ban from the server.
  2. E2s/Holograms must be placed on your property. (Hobos, Dealers, and DJs are the only classes that may place them in public)
  3. You may use E2 to block base entrances/exits with holograms or EGP screens. So long as it follows the basing guidelines, and there is still a viable entrance to your base.
  4. You may not use E2 to edit/change the appearance to any weapon. (Client-side cosmetic change is allowed)
  5. You may not use E2 to track players entering/exiting your base. (ex. an Alarm system)
  6. You may not use E2s that show, reveal, or record player chat or player location. (Unless being E2 is for TTS/Pets)
  7. You may not use E2s/E2 holograms that maliciously blind, follow, or target other players.
  8. You may use lottery/gambling E2s.
    1. The maximum bet/wager must not exceed 10% of the E2 owners balance.
    2. The maximum pay-out of any gambling game must be up to 10 times the initial bet.
      1. Lottery style games are exempt from the maximum pay-out rule.
    3. The odds of every bet must be visible to the player before playing. You may not rig gambling E2s.
  9. You may not use auto-collector E2s or any form of wiremod on bitminers / printers.
  10. You may not have an E2 that interacts with any form of moneymaking method (Drugs, Oil, Etc.)
  11. You may not use E2s that move props. (Elevators, Sliding Doors, Hoverboards, etc.)
  12. You may not play ear rape through any music e2.
  13. When using an E2 to play music, it must be stationary (Do not pickup and chase players with your music E2).
    1. Must be localized, if the sound can be heard from across the map; it will be removed.
  14. You may not use E2 to to create excessively bright/blinding areas (Ex. Excessive use of Light Function)
  15. You may not use E2 to teleport any entity to you or another player (However, using E2 to teleport shipments from your base to a specific sale position is OK, as long as you are a dealer *Ex. A Vending Machine Gunshop*)
  16. You may not use the E2 Money Request function to trick players into paying you any amount of money that wasn't agreed to. (Ex. Randomly sending people money requests for 1 mil or making your donation screen display one amount but actually request another)
  17. You may not use E2 to give yourself powers not bestowed upon you by your current rank. (ex. Noclip, teleportation, godmode, etc.)
  18. You may not use E2 to troll or ruin the RP experience of any player (Zero Tolerance!)
  19. If a staff member requests you to remove an E2, you must remove it. (if you believe your E2 is completely legal and you were asked to remove it falsely, remove it and contact management for approval to use it)
  20. You may not use E2 to spawn a ragdoll/use a hologram to spawn a ragdoll. You may not ragdoll a hologram with E2.
  21. You may not change your player model appearance using e2.

Government Official Rules:

  1. Government officials are only allowed to base in the PD. 
  2. You must have a warrant to search a residence for contraband (Illegal items). 
  3. You must do /advert Police/CP Raid when conducting a raid.
  4. Government officials may not hire personal guards/medics/citizens etc to guard the PD/etc
  5. Government officials may not abuse the stunning ability. (Stungun, nightstick) Doing so is considered FailRP and may result in blacklist from Government jobs.
  6. Government officials may defend each other if the other is being attacked
  7. Government Officials may only party with other government officials.
  8. Government officials may not take over or participate in gang territory takeovers
  9. Police may arrest anyone at any time (even with no mayor) if they see illegal activities. 
  10. Any members of PD may block off the entrance/exit from sewers connected to PD
  11. You may not arrest a citizen for possessing a weapon that their gun license permits. (Nor may you nullify licenses with laws)
  12. A gun license always permits a citizen to have Pistols and SMGs, (Weapons Under B.M.I Category Excluded)
  13. You may possess illegal items/Go corrupt. When doing so you must make a law saying “Government has gone corrupt”. When corrupt, you may not have any other laws.
  14. Checkpoints/Tolls are allowed so long as people can get through (Max toll can be 5k)
  15. Checkpoints/Tolls may only be in front of pd, and may not block any player's base (Excluding hobos on the sidewalk)
  16. You may not unarrest a player that you did not personally arrest without a valid reason.
  17. Police cannot commit actions that would directly contradict the law or be detrimental to fellow police officers.
  18. You must wait 30 minutes before participating in a CP raid on the same base.

Job Rules



  1. Aliens are KOS to everyone at all times, you may only party with other aliens.
  2. Aliens must advert "THE PEACE IS OVER" before going on a killing spree lasting until you die. You must wait ten minutes once you die.
  3. You may only use the weapon you spawn with. (Alien repeater)

Mafia Members:

  1. Leaders/Members may only raid together. The mafia MUST be in the same squad.
  2. You must advert "Assassinate/Assassination" to kill one person, Mafia can only call and have assassinations done every 15 minutes.


  1. You may only raid to complete a hit
    1. When conducting a hit raid, you may kill anyone defending the base to reach your target.
    2. You must leave the base and advert over when you kill your target.
    3. You may not take or destroy raidables during a hit raid.
  2. You may not mug as a Hitman

Bank Manager:

  1. You must have one stand open at all times.
  2. You may build in the bank, but the vault must be accessible at all times.
  3. You may only KOS if players are past the second door
  4. You may not allow people to rob the bank

Bank Guard

  1. You must listen to your manager at all times.
  2. You must have the bank managers approval to build in the bank.
  3. You may only KOS if players are past the second door


  1. You may only self-supply to provide a way to defend yourself.
  2. You must actively sell products.
  3. You are not allowed to raid, mug, kidnap, etc.
  4. You must have a KOS sign stating your reasons for KOS.

Hobo/Street Performer:

  1. You must listen to the Hobo King.
  2. You may play music through your mic for tips, but you must be stationary. (You may not play ear rape)
  3. You may not use a weapon larger than a pistol.
  4. You may build a small shack on the side of the road.
  5. You may not own/store any valuables of any kind.
  6. Props may not block NPCs, doorways, entrances to bases, etc.
  7. You may not place your shack near anyone's property without permission. (This is to keep noise level down from others basing)
  8. Your shack may not have fading doors
  9. Your shack may have a crouch entrance within reason


  1. You may charge up to 25k for your services
  2. You must be in a party with your client before you are allowed to protect them

Killer Crab:

  1. You may KOS anyone in the water or on ice
  2. You are KOS while on land, excluding ice.


  1. You may only use melee weapons and shurikens


  1. You may base, but you may not have raidables / reside in a base with them
  2. You must actively be committing or seeking to commit crimes at all times (within reason) Ex. Kidnapping, Mugging, Raiding, etc. You may be demoted if you are not.
  3. Joker is KOS or AOS to Batman


  1. You may only use your Batarang or melee weapons.
  2. You may cuff and bring criminals to police to be arrested
  3. Batman is KOS to Joker

Sewer Dweller:

  1. You may only use the weapon you spawn with (Monster Abilities)
  2. Humans are always KOS to you inside the sewers
  3. You are always KOS to humans outside the sewers
  4. You must wait 3 minutes before returning to your place of death or attacking the player that killed you.


  1. You may base, but you may have no raidables inside. You may not live in someone else's base if it contains raidables.
  2. You may not enter other player's bases as a prop without permission
  3. You may only use melee weapons or pistols

Luke and Vader:

  1. You may only use the weapon your job provides (Lightsaber)
  2. You may not kill people through bulletproof props with the lightsaber
  3. Vader and Luke are KOS to eachother, your party may not interfere even if damage is done.

Hotel Manager:

  1. You may only sell/rent one room out per player (Unless the players are together)
  2. You may not claim the hotel to yourself.
  3. You must be actively selling rooms. (You must actually RP as the Hotel Manager)
  4. You must have a KOS sign stating restrictions.
  5. You cannot restrict the hotel lobby.
  6. You may charge up to a maximum of $50,000 per room.

Casino Manager:

  1. Your casino must be open to everybody. You may not KOS without a sign stating reasons for KOS.
  2. As a casino manager, you may only place your machines inside pre-existing buildings 
  3. Casino managers cannot place their machines in the public. This includes roads, sidewalks, rooftops, etc. 
  4. You may have a VIP section of your casino, however you must have 3 slot machines available to the public with no charge.
  5. You can only charge a max fee of 100k to enter your VIP section.
  6. You may not have/store raidables in the casino.


  1. You may only base in the PD.
  2. You may have checkpoints in the PD to check for illegal items/weapons.
  3. You may call for PD backup during a PD raid if you are still alive. CP may return to an area after being called for backup only once.
  4. Laws may not conflict with server rules.
  5. Unarrest Batons are permanently legal and cannot be made otherwise.
  6. You may not make KOS laws.
  7. You may not make laws that restrict movement (No J-Walking, Crouching is AOS, etc.)
  8. You may not make laws that restrict mic usage.
  9. You may not make laws that target specific players/jobs.
  10. You may not make laws that nullify gun licenses
  11. You may only call a lock down for public safety, you can not call lock downs for pd raids.
  12. Mayors may add a law allowing random weapon checking. Without said law, RWC is not allowed.
  13. You must have a valid reason to demote an officer (Ex. Corruption, Releasing Prisoners, etc.)


  1. You may not build around a rock
  2. You may not base/own bases.
  3. You may not own valuables

Pissed Baby:

  1. Pissed Baby's must advert "IM PISSED" before going on a killing spree. You must wait ten minutes once you die.
  2. You may only use the weapon you spawn with. (The Crowbar)
  3. You may only go on a killing spree for 5 minutes

Teddy Bear:

  1. You may not use weapons
  2. You may build on the sidewalks while following hobo building rules, or you may own a base.


  1. You must advert "TERROR" before attacking the town. You may only kill for 15 SECONDS. You must wait 10 MINUTES between terror adverts.
  2. If there is a Terrorist Leader, you must listen to his commands.
  3. You may only base/party with other terrorists

Gang Members:

  1. You must follow all normal RP cooldowns
  2. Bloods and Crips are always KOS to one another.
    1. You must still follow correct advert cooldowns if they apply.

Fight Club Manager:

  1. You may only build an arena in a pre-existing building.

Fuel Refiner

  1. You may build around your station
  2. You may only occupy two hole at one time 






After switching jobs

In between adverts




























Im Pissed





Peace is over










Gang Rules

  1. When taking a gang territory, you must advert TAKEOVER before starting to capture.
    1. Assists must be adverted.
  2. You must wait 10 minutes between captures.
  3. There is no limit to the amount of points one gang may hold.
  4. Territories are not bases, they should not have raidables, fading doors, or one-way props. However, health printers and RP props are allowed.
  5. Party members may not assist or defend other party members that are in a different gang during takeovers unless they have an alliance.
  6. When taking over, anyone inside the territory is KOS.
  7. You must be next to/inside the territory when calling the takeover.
  8. To defend a territory during a takeover, you must first advert “counter.” You must be within render distance of the territory un-scoped to advert counter. 
  9. A party member may not defend you in a takeover, all members opposing a takeover must advert counter, and all members taking a territory must advert assist.
  10. You may not participate in any part of a gang territory while inside a base or building (unless said territory is in the building).
  11. You may not use any items that increase mobility to take/counter territories (ex: climb swep, potions, meth, crack, etc).

Sit Rules

  1. Do not leave the SIT until it has concluded.
  2. Do not go AFK in the sit.
  3. Do not spam in any way. The staff member may ask you to cease communications or actions and if you do not, you may be muted, gagged, jailed, or frozen.
  4. Do not disrespect Staff during the SIT. We are here to help you and protect the server.
  5. Do not argue Staff decisions in-game. If you have an issue with a Staff member's decision, take it to the forums.
  6. Do not spawn props/entities during a SIT.
  7. Do not RP in a sit.
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