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11/19 DarkRP Update Log


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11/19 DarkRP Update Log

Updated Content

  • Updated /motd to use the correct links
  • Fixed an issue causing duels global stats to not work
  • All the PD jobs now spawn with a battering ram
  • Fixed weapon skins menu being admin locked
  • Fixed Premium Ultra Petrol being rank locked
  • Increased gang halo upgrade distance
  • Black Market Dealer can now sell shipments of Raid Bags
  • Suicide Vest should no longer unweld props
  • Fixed the tab menu spamming errors
  • Fixed players not being returned to spawn after arrest timer runs out or player is bailed out
  • Content pack on the forums nav bar is now updated
  • Grappling hook sounds are lower (Thanks to @Trosa for the fix)
  • Fixed blunts spamming errors for playermodels without a mouth
  • Assassin is now considered a hitman
  • Fixed darkrp votes being missing textures
  • Nerfed Thief Juggernaut starting health and armor
  • Removed a few of the items from the Mayors catalog
  • Added 5 sniper rifles to custom class maker
    • SVD Dragunov
    • Dragunov SVU
    • AI AW50
    • Barret M98B
    • M24
  • Increased the number of suggestions someone can have open at once
  • Suiciding no longer puts you on the FBI Bounty Board
  • Added FBI Bounty logs for staff
  • Players in the rdm zone will no longer be put on the FBI Bounty Board
  • Gang territory logs have been added for staff
  • Cocaine stoves no longer retain heat after being used
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