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11/20 DarkRP Update Log


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11/20 DarkRP Update log

Updated Content

  • You can no longer put printer racks in raid bags
    • This means you must eject the printers before putting them in the raid bag
  • You can now physgun and freeze the firecracker machine
  • Nerfed the amount of xp you get from printers
  • We believe we fixed the tab menu spamming errors (If this is false please let us know.)
  • You can now purchase 2 printer racks
  • The following jobs now spawn with a weapon checker
    • SWAT Member
    • SWAT Sniper
    • SWAT Juggernaut
    • Police Officer
    • Police Chief
  • Coinflips are now announced in chat
  • Police Chief now spawns with 50 armor
  • Increased the hacker max slots to 4
  • Increased the max description on suggestions to 500 characters

FBI Bounty Changes

  • Players will now lose their FBI Bounty when killed by another player
  • Players will no longer receive an FBI Bounty during the purge
  • FBI can no longer complete bounties by killing them, only by arresting
  • Bounties will not start until you have gathered $10k worth in bounties

Fixed Errors

  • Fixed a hud error spamming
  • Fixed an error in the party system
  • Fixed being high breaking chat

Discord Bot

  • Updated /stats to show the actual darkrp stats now
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