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11/23 DarkRP Update Log


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DarkRP 11/23 Update Log

Updated Content

  • Revised the chat blacklist a bit
  • Added a few more props to the blacklist
  • Now the FBI Bounties actually show on your hud when wanted
  • Fixed an issue where e2s wouldn't work with having access as a secondary group
  • Changed the job color of Miner to make it readable
  • The mayor computer is no longer under the desk

Cocaine Edits

  • Fixed baking soda not working with cocaine pots
  • Cocaine entities will no longer explode when destroyed

Printer Changes

  • Buffed offline printers by 25%
  • Fixed printer racks giving double xp

Chat Changes/Fixes

  • Fixed issue with chat message fade out setting not working properly
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in chatbox settings
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