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11/25 DarkRP Update Log


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DarkRP 11/25 Update Log

Updated Content

  • Removed the following props from the blacklist
    • models/hunter/plates/plate4x24.mdl
    • models/hunter/plates/plate6x24.mdl
    • models/hunter/plates/plate5x24.mdl
    • models/hunter/plates/plate3x24.mdl
    • models/hunter/plates/plate1x24.mdl
    • models/hunter/plates/plate16x24.mdl
    • models/hunter/plates/plate075x24.mdl
    • models/hunter/plates/plate05x24.mdl
    • models/hunter/plates/plate025x24.mdl
  • Added an automated message in chat for Daily Missions
  • Increased the max suggestions you can have up at one time
  • Increased the max description for suggestions
  • Increased the e2 quota hard
  • Decreased the price of mining upgrades by quite a bit
  • [New] Added detectors to help in police raids
  • Printers now show the owners name
  • Players gang name will now show above their head
  • Added 3 more capture points for gangs

Police Changes

  • SWAT Member is now accessible to all players
  • SWAT Sniper is now a VIP job
  • SWAT Juggernaut is now a VIP+ job
    • Now spawns with a Deployable shield instead
  • [NewSWAT Breacher (Exhibitionist job)
    • SWAT Breacher has the ability to recognize printers through walls (within a certain distance)
    • Spawns with a Heavy shield to help raid
  • Updated the Nightstick swep
  • Changed the minimum FBI Bounty to $5,000 instead

[New] Money Silos

  • New reasons to Raid players
  • Income reward based on damage dealt
  • Defend your silo to receive a big payday
  • Successfully raid and destroy someone else's silo for a big payday

Purge Changes

  • [New] Purge leaderboard
    • Top 10 best purge players of all time
    • Displays the player with the most kills of all time during the purge
    • Displays the player with the most deaths of all time during the purge.
    • Displays the player that stayed alive the longest during the purge.
  • [New] Purge Rewards
    • Rewards for successfully lockpicking a door during the purge
    • You receive a bonus at the end of the purge for every minute you stay alive (the longest streak counts)
    • The player with the most kills receives a bonus
    • The player with the longest time alive receives a bonus
  • The mayor can no longer die in the purge
  • Players will now spawn randomly around the map during the purge (No more spawn camping)

Duels Changes

  • Reworked the way Elo is calculated
    • This means everyone's elo has now been set to 800
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