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11/29 DarkRP Update Log


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DarkRP 11/29 Update Log

Updated Content

  • Fixed cocaine stove not cooling down when a pot isn't on the stove
  • Fixed cocaine stove gas canisters breaking
  • Fixed an issue with m9k guns allowing x2 penetration
  • Now when staff go into adminmode it will no longer mess up their wardrobe model
  • Job descriptions now update when you click on a new job
  • Meth Cooks can now use the Crystal Palace meth tent
  • You can now freeze the following entities
    • Moonshine Grinder
    • Cigarette Machine
  • You can now toolgun the following
    • Furniture
    • Camera
  • All users can now use Black Market Dealer
    • Level requirement of 15 has been added to it

Casino machines are back!

  • Casino machines in spawn are back and have been reworked

Silo Changes

  • Increased the payout to $500k
  • Now for successfully raiding a silo you receive 2x Profit
  • Raiders will receive 2.5x Profit if they successfully raid it within the first 5 minutes
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