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12/2 DarkRP Update Log


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DarkRP 12/2 Update Log

Updated Content

  • Increased the e2 Quota Hard again
  • Removed the pallet from the following systems due to it not working properly
    • Moonshine
    • Fuel Producer
  • Added a cooldown for receiving xp with weapon shelves
  • Fixed silos health bar not disappearing after time runs out
  • Lightsaber abilities will now only target one person at a time
  • Bank Guards now have access to the bank doors
  • Fixed hits not working
  • Fixed !buddies command showing global in chat
  • You no longer need correct capitalization when putting Exhib.GG in your steam name (ex. you could now put exhib.gg and it would work)
  • Fixed description of VIP in the credit store to no longer display incorrect info

New Christmas Content

  • Snowball fights?
    • Players now spawn with snowballs, refill at snowball crates located around the map
  • Made all the Exhibition NPC overheads Christmas themed
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