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12/9 DarkRP Major Update Log


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12/9 DarkRP Update Log

Updated Content

  • Unblacklisted the following props
    • models/props_combine/combine_bridge_b.mdl
    • models/props_combine/combine_barricade_short02a.mdl
    • models/props_junk/ibeam01a.mdl
    • models/props_trainstation/mount_connection001a.mdl
    • models/props/cs_office/plant01.mdl
    • models/props/de_inferno/potted_plant1.mdl
    • models/props/de_inferno/potted_plant1_p1.mdl
    • models/props/de_inferno/potted_plant2.mdl
    • models/props/de_inferno/potted_plant2_p1.mdl
    • models/props/de_inferno/potted_plant3.mdl
    • models/props/de_inferno/potted_plant3_p1.mdl
    • models/props_trainstation/ceiling_arch001a.mdl
    • models/props_trainstation/column_arch001a.mdl
    • models/props/cs_office/table_meeting.mdl
    • models/props/de_inferno/claypot03.mdl
    • models/props/de_inferno/flower_barrel.mdl
    • models/props_junk/garbage_glassbottle001a.mdl
    • models/props_junk/garbage_glassbottle002a.mdl
    • models/props_junk/garbage_glassbottle003a.mdl
  • A Mayor is no longer needed to rob the Mayor Vault
  • Fixed the job spawns for the following jobs
    • Mayor
    • Killer Crab
    • Sewer Dweller
  • Fixed casino machines in spawn jackpot not increasing
  • Buffed weed sale price per gram

Custom Class Changes

  • Introducing NEW custom class categories (Listed below)
    • Police (Option to add on FBI)
    • Merchant (Gun Dealer, Black Market Dealer, Vape Salesman, or Drug Dealer)
    • Criminal (Basically what every criminal is by default currently)
  • You can only be in 1 category with a custom class
    • Once a category is chosen, it will charge you to change categories! (Choose wisely)

Another New Job?

  • Introducing Pizza Chef
  • You make pizzas to sell to hungry customers for some good profit

New Investment Addon

  • You must invest with a banker
    • Once you invest with a banker you receive interest every 5 minutes on your investment
    • Banker also gets paid interest when you invest with them
    • Invest by typing !invest in chat
  • Max investment is $500,000
  • Min investment is $20,000
  • Increased the Banker job max from 1 -> 4

New 2x XP Event!

  • With this, we will be doing things like Double XP Weekends

Picture Frames Return!

  • 3 picture frames purchasable through the f4 menu (VIP+ and up)
    • Normal Picture Frame
    • Square Picture Frame
    • Table Picture Frame

Base Alarms are back!

  • Protect your base more easily with the base protection entities below
    • Camera
    • Scanner
    • Terminal

Black Market Dealer Changes

  • The following snipers can only be purchased by Black Market Dealers now
    • AI AW50
    • M24
    • Barret M98B
    • Barret M82

OilRush Changes

  • Oil entities can no longer be destroyed (No more losing progress cause of a stray bullet)
  • Decreased the Refresh Rate on the Fuel Buyer NPC 500 -> 300
  • Buffed the sell prices of all the fuel by 30%
    • Regular Petrol 200 -> 260
    • Premium Petrol 250 -> 325
    • Premium Ultra Petrol 350 -> 455
    • Regular Diesel 250 -> 325
    • Premium Diesel 450 -> 585
    • Premium Ultra Diesel 550 -> 715

Trashman Changes

  • Buffed the trash burner by 50%

Meth v2 Changes

  • You can now collect meth crates to bring to the Meth Buyer (Drop off point is still required)
    • You can now sell more than one crate at a time
  • This also means you will drop your meth when you die

Duels Changes

  • New Duel Arena
    • Blank Room
    • Just a flat area, no props in the way
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  • Miskie changed the title to 12/9 DarkRP Major Update Log
3 hours ago, Diemania said:

major W with all off the changed. we need more civ jobs like the pizza one.

maybe now that we have picture frames we can have a radio or tv in the future.

i still dont get why it wasnt in the server from the beginning

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