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12/11 DarkRP Update Log


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DarkRP 12/11 Update Log

Updated Content

  • Doors around the map start unlocked now
  • FBI will now be undisguised when shooting
  • Removed the kill command costing $20k (removed the UI for it also)
  • Fixed mining tools not being rainbow for legend rank
  • You now only have to unlock jobs once
    • Once you prestige you don't have to unlock the level locked jobs, as long as you've met the requirement already
  • FBI bounties now disappear off your screen properly when the bounty runs out
  • SWAT Breacher will no longer get FBI bounties on them
  • Buffed the amount of money the harder words give on scrambler
  • Increased the time you have to complete harder words

Medic NPC Changes

  • Increased the max health you can buy 100 -> 150
  • Decreased how much it costs to purchase health and armor
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