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12/20 DarkRP Update Log

El Formano

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12/20 DarkRP Update Log

Updated Content

  • Pizzas can no longer give you infinite health
  • Laws added/removed/reset are now announced in chat

Infamy Changes

  • Players now receive 5 Infamy Points on Prestige (instead of 1)
  • Buffed XP gain across all sources

Drug System Changes

  • Meth
    • Sell price buffed across all types
    • Rotating price is more volatile than before
  • Drug Pickup no longer shows a revolver in your hand when equipped

Party Event

  • New XP Event!
    • Spawns a rainbow circle at the Event position
    • Every 10 seconds, all players within the circle receive a huge amount of XP
    • Stay tuned for when we'll be testing these out tomorrow!
  • Planned Features:
    • Token items for all players to spawn these and other gameplay events we have planned
    • Play music and add a HUD effect when in Party event zone
    • Once players can spawn these, the spawning player would receive a % of all XP generated by the event
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2 hours ago, Diemania said:

do people recieve the now missing infamy points for prestiges that they have already done?

Yep. Everyone should now have Infamy Points equal to their Infamy Level times 5. Take the few extra points some of you will have (due to having already spent some) as a little bonus for using the system before it was buffed.

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