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Darkrp Update v2.0 3/16/2018


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ExhibtionRP Changelog 2.0


  • NEW: Added timer for ulx mute and gag
  • NEW: Added a new custom chat box
  • NEW: Added handcuffs for police
  • NEW: Added a new fining system for police
  • NEW: New custom bail machine
  • NEW: Added new custom Police and Mayor menu
  • NEW: New custom /911 system with a custom icon
  • NEW: Custom f4 menu
  • NEW: Brand new printers
  • NEW: Reintroduced the AFK system
  • NEW: New spin n win gambling machine
  • NEW: New accessories system
  • NEW: New notifications ui
  • NEW: New ui for arrests, warrants, and wants
  • NEW: Hud with the xp bar
  • NEW: Skills system in the f4 menu
  • NEW: New dumpsters for hobos
  • NEW: New overhead ui
  • NEW: Brand new map!
  • FIXED: Sped up the coinflips
  • FIXED: Integrated utime into the scoreboard
  • FIXED: Walking on water bug
  • FIXED: Client side crashes
  • FIXED: The economy
  • REMOVED: The old accessories vendor
  • REMOVED: Unboxing system
  • REMOVED: Title store
  • REMOVED: Old chat system
  • REMOVED: Some CS:GO Knife packs
  • REMOVED: Pets
  • REMOVED: Mugger NPC
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