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Roxas User Report


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Your in-game name: floodedmarathon


Users IGN: Roxas


Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/😞 STEAM_0:1:241356492


Explain what happened: I was trying to enjoy my day when the good ol' President of the US of A comes up and murders me viciously in cold blood. My natural response was to follow the rules and not break NLR, and then he comes over and shoots me while I am trying to make a deal so I run over, matrix-dodging his bullets, and murder him, he then comes back and murders me a couple more times along with multiple other people for no reason. He also had KOS laws (I forgot to fucking screenshot that RIP.). After someone murdered him again, he got set to citizen where he then acquired a gun to murder more people (including myself), and then became a P.D. Officer, where he then arrested me twice for no reason whatsoever.

You can also see in the proof I've sent that RIGHT AFTER I was released from jail, not 5 seconds later he arrests me.


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.) here ya go.




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4 hours ago, OverRaptor9328 said:

For now Im giving this a =+/- support because of no time stamps. How late was this? Could you make a sit? 

i couldn't, every time i get on there's no staff on, and when there is they're usually not doing much because of all the sits they have to do.

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