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Hello, my name is Greed in-game, and in steam it is Grim. (ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/thedeadlysingreed) In Discord I am "Father Donut #4725". I was recently punished for 1x failrp (Adverted "bank raid" on accident instead of adverting "Wh raid" [Oops...]) I am officially 14 of today (Happy Birthday to me), and I live in Pacific Daylight Time. On the MBRP server I have 114 hours of in-game time. Although I have no previous staffing experience, I can dedicate at the very least 8 hours of staffing time on the server everyday but Wednesday (Lessons), I am afraid, I only have 5 hours to staff in the day.. I am aware I will lose RP time, but I am completely familiar with the Staff Handbook, and TOS for applying for Staff. I have 20 Community Posts on the forums, as required. I am an Exhibitionist rank on the server. Why I should be accepted:

I have been playing this server for months now, my time has added up to 114 hours, I have experienced first-hand every law, rule, and guideline. I believe I can make the RP experience more fun for the players of the server. I love to help people solve their problems, and grow as a person. I also believe I can grow as a person from this experience. Solving problems is my proficiency, I have read the Handbook many times over to be able to memorize the punishments. Thank you for reading all this.

Sorry if this accidentally does not follow the format, thank you for your time.

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You need to follow the TOS feller, Other than that your application is udder trash you need to put more effort into it in order to get our attention.

Thanks for applying, Try again next time.

Nota Mehican


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