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Angel Wings

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Your in-game name: Reazal Walf
Staff members name: THEHUNTINGGUY
Staff member SteamID: STEAM_0:1:523995793
Explain what happened: I was ICE SRT Heavy Support and I saw someone kill someone so I asked them why they'd kill them and they didn't respond so I arrested them. I was then brought into a sit about it and I told the admin what happened and that I had video proof but they jailed me anyway for rdax2 and I don't know why it was x2 as we were only dealing with one person in the sit.
Evidence: https://youtu.be/O70EsPiUtKg this is the evidence I would have given the staff member if they'd looked at it, my mic has no audio as my recording software didn't pick it up but I asked the gun dealer why they killed the civilian and after they dident respond i arrested them.(also apologies for the bad fps I'm on my laptop atm so its slower)

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I had asked you if you had evidence you had told me know. The sit was that you had rdax2 because i had another sit on you for the same thing from gartwell and Nicoles husband. I checked logs in which it did show me that you had arrested those 2 people. I asked you for your side in which you had told me that they killed someone I checked logs that was true I asked nicholes husband he admitted to killing someone in self deference you had told me that that you went up to him and asked him why he killed someone in which Nicoles husband told me that he killed them in self deference he followed him back to the hobos stage and where reazel wolf  asked him the same question but nicoles husband said he never did and arrested him at this point. I was told that he arrested more people at this time but didnt see proof of them all. After you arrested nicoles husband you arrested garetwalls at the same place for the same thing gartwells killed a player for attacking his party member which is justified and reazal just arrested him and also another player at this time. f3df7b39ccb38b59ea9e4a2cc6068525.png

First couple of frames you can see he was acting in self defense.

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5 hours ago, Angel Wings said:

I arrested the second person because they had a weapon out the law was weapon out without licence is aos if you'd asked me about that I would have told you 

Unless you can provide proof for us, it’s gonna be hard to believe that.




Edit: Am idiot, ignore above.

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