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Update 3/13/2020


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  • Nerfed god printers from $9,000 every print to $6,500
  • God printers only cost $5,000,000
  • Added a weapon license icon to the overhead
  • Fixed a bug in the license terminal
  • Police Chief and SWAT Chief now have access to bank doors
  • Now it only takes 2 hits to stun a player with the police baton
  • Stungun ammo now comes with 3 shots
  • Slowed down the run speed a little bit when cuffed
  • Mayor will now spawn with 150 Health and 100 Armor
  • Added the handcuffs and arrest baton to Mayor
  • Ammo will now go to the player instead of falling in front of the player
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13 minutes ago, trofi the child said:

Says that DRP is so confident they talk shit about themselves 

Fair enough, must be really confident with that pop kek. I also just realized we have basically the same steam name, and we should probably stop before we are smitten by el staff.

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