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I made this good start base in Mexico in around 25 minutes. There are a lot of different ideas you can do with base but I just made it basic. If there are any problems with it just reply to this post!



- Shoot without them seeing you

- You only see the person in there (you won't see the fading doors or anything)

- There are protection walls behind the fences so they can't shoot you



- They are able to shoot you as well (they can't see you though)

- It is a short base


Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/klb60xmvjo44ane/mexico_warehouse.txt/file1329844245_baseview1.thumb.PNG.7b39cd7b56e200bcec31523c67395979.PNG966482956_baseview2.thumb.PNG.e92d3c73bfd49e7cd160a7561a372d3c.PNG


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8 hours ago, goober16615 said:

I mean it looks good besides the club penguin part but that can be changed also you can reinforce the walls to something other than fences so it's not just 1 way sight. 

I mean ya but there is a wall like a couple of steps away from the fences so you can shoot them and then move behind it and heal or get ammo or something 

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