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Tiberius's Staff Application


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Your username: Tiberius


Your steamID: STEAM_0:0:11047161


Discord name and TAG: Tiberius #1972


Have I ever been punished on Exhibition RP?: Yes, I have. I spend most of my time on “Mexican border role-play”, and being quite an active member makes me vulnerable to making some mistakes, some with major consequences. I have been jailed quite a lot due to mistakes with adverts and NLR. But recently I made the worst mistake on this server. I took part in a raid but forgot to advertise “assist”. This led to me getting a ban for 2 days for RDMx5. Of course without intention, but with fault. And another time was where I broke an NLR rule. NLR has always been the one rule I seem to mess up on all the time. And with me being a thief, I tend to automatically go back to the original location, without thinking. With that being said I got banned for NLRx7, which is one of the biggest mistakes I made on this server. Both the mistakes I made are completely unintentional, in Latin terms “you gotta think before you act”. Overall my mistakes are in the past now, and hopefully, my skill and knowledge of RP and the rules will prevent me from committing said mistakes ever again.


Your age: 19


Your timezone: EST


Time played: around 55 hours


Staff experience: I've been a GMOD staff on numerous servers. The first I can remember was TTT-Fun Dark-RP in 2015. These were some of the best years of my life. Being staff on this server made me feel confident, and it gave me a huge understanding of the ULX rules and commands. The time there taught how being someone with a lot of power takes a lot of responsibility. Unfortunately sometime later the server would die. After the tragic fall of TTT-Fun, I moved to a Starwars RP server named Platinum Networks. On this server, I became staff as soon as I saw the opening of the applications. Like every other server, I started a T-mod and worked my way up to Head of Staff. And in doing so the server became well maintained and extremely fun. Once again around 5 months later, the server would meet a demise when the owner did not want to take part in any of it. That's when I moved to Celestial Networks Starwars RP. This server I only made it up to Admin before it would shut down due to player inactivity. And now I’m here; I hope to bring the same knowledge and reverence to this server as I did to all the others. And what makes staff special is helping people. And overall that's what I hope to achieve here.


Why should I be staff?: I overall think I am worthy of such an honor, and my agility to cooperate with other staff members and players makes me feel quite fit for the job. The job itself takes a lot of responsibility that I am fit to handle; even in the event of extraordinarily unforeseen consequences. Being a well-rounded person also fits into the factor of this considering I love to chat with the community. I feel my job would be taken as seriously as possible; I am well aware that if I screw up anyway I will be punished. Knowing I might even lose my job if I do so. Also, my background knowledge of ULX should qualify me for the job; not only that but I also believe that I would take it more seriously. I have witnessed many sits on this server, and I mean no disrespect to the staff, but I feel some are sloppy. I completely understand that you guys are busy taking hundreds of sits every day if not every hour. But sits are supposed to be taken with maturity and responsibility. But this does NOT go for every staff; most staff if not all are awesome on this server. And I respect them with all my heart. And I wouldn’t mind at all to work alongside and perhaps even make friends with them. The moral is, I believe I am fit and responsible for the job and task at hand.


How often can I be on the server?: For the most part, I plan to be on the server for most if not all of the week, however considering it's my first year of college at M.I.T, work always comes first. I want to help this community but with many things that could interfere with me being here, I might not be on as much as I would like during the week. On the other hand, I could potentially be on most of the time during weekends as work is usually fairly minimal. This leads me to think I would be most active on weekends. But due to the novel coronavirus, work might not be as great of a deal as normal, leading me to be on even more.


Are you familiar with the rules?: Some rules on this server I will admit are hard to understand, which would currently promote me to study these rules until I have a clear understanding of how the rules work and affect the server.


Am I aware that my RP time will be cut to a minimum as staff?: Yes, and I am willing to take that sacrifice to improve the server for the better.


Have I read the TOS?: Yes, I have read the terms of service to most of my agility.


What rank am I on the server?: I am a user at the moment.


(I am really sorry for deleting my last app, the reason for it sounds fishy but I assure you its the truth. A man told me that I as in the wrong section because it was dark-rp. I am going for a MBRP staff position. I really did not mean to cause such a digression, and I hope this apology will make up for any unsatisfactory results I made.)

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Deleted last app(pretty sure)                                                  



You need 48+ hours

Only started to play more

Use to break nlr and rdm a lot

No forums/discord activity

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overall: -support

look man, all in all, you have put a lot of effort into your app and i give you great props for that. im sure you have definitely changed from your past punishments, we all have made em in the past and yadda yadda. but the thing that concerns me is that if youve had about 55 hours of gameplay on the server and if all of these statements about your punishments are true, i dont think youve actually had the time to learn the rules over. on top of that, who are you? i may not play on MBRP but you seriously have came out of the blue; you might want to get involved with the community a little bit more. people seem to have no clue who you are.

now thats out of the way, let me give a tldr for my reasons:


-seems mature

-great effort in app


-not alot of activity in the community

-people seem clueless to who you are

-have had a lot of punishments

include yourself in the community just a little bit more and im sure we will know if you are right for the job or not. :)

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-not active on forums/discord

-follow tos

-broke rules many times


I actually recall seeing you in game and you had a great personality


Overall, it is a -support from me.

Hey man! MIT is huge. I am sure many people are proud of you! Good luck and try to get a lot more active in the game and the forums/discord.

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