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The Mafia


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The Mafia


We have decided to bring back my old gang because we used to be in the high ranks before club penguin existed, We also have a good base that is hardly raid able, and We giveaway money to players in need to help them recover or start up a bank account. We also support loans but you have to give us a sum back after the profit.


Mafia Leader: the head of the mafia (didnt use godfather) does everything a leader does but can be inactive.

Co-Godfather: second in command but can still do executive orders and recruit others.

Trusted: is a member but can recruit, store into bank, and upgrade the gangs abilities.

Recruit: simply a member but can upgrade the gang also they are the most important job because they can go around public without danger and take land

(Ill add more ranks when more people join)

To Join!

pm Jonthecool#7595 on discord (case sensitive) also pm me in game if i am active



Also if you are inactive we wont kick you because in the mafia mental health is the most important thing!

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