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MBRP help pls


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My Steam ID/Ingame name: 76561198163738509 / soapi / ipaos  

User IGN:   Rapeeee (changed his name so it may be different)

steamID: 76561198289021904 (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198289021904)

He rdmed me a few times, propblock minged/ spawned a jail cell over me, then /advert warn 1/2/3 without calling warn multiple times, false warn as well along with admitting to lying to staff so he may get away with it. He stated " I'm just gonna tell the admin you were standing on my radio so that's why I warned you. All this occurred on MexicanBorderRP 








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56 minutes ago, Mark Stinnson said:

Lmfao this is from march and it hasn't been accepted nor denied, On a roll you guys! Please help out da community by unbanning me from discord and give me staff

literally happened before before i was staff

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