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Crypto Cloudy Mass RDM and Mass FRP

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Users IGN: Crypto Cloudy


Users SteamID: STEAM_0:1:113909860


Explain what happened:

So over the period of 10 minutes, Crypto Cloudy decided to spam jihad bomb (even when he adverted, it was still too soon, as he hadn't waited the 10 min cooldown) and commit mass RDM, not just against myself, but many other players as well. He also went around the entire map just shooting at people randomly, as shown in the video.


Throughout the entire time, obviously I was egging him on by pissing him off, but that is still no excuse for randomly shooting myself and others, as well as RDMing at random, and even spamming jihad bombs.


Every single time I killed him it was in self defense, as I VERY specifically made sure not to shoot him first. You can see this in the video. His friend was also RDMing me, but they were in a party together so when I defended myself and killed crypto cloudy, technically his friend had the right to kill me for damaging a team mate, so I cba arguing his friend was RDMing me.



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