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Halloween Update Coming October 13th!

We are releasing our Halloween update on October 13th, this will come with new jobs, new content, and new cool exclusive rewards!


9/6 Update Log!


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  • Decreased the recoil on the Raging Bull - Scoped
  • Increased the rpm on the HK 416
  • Decreased the recoil on the F2000
  • Decreased the zoom on the F2000 scope
  • Increased the rpm on the FG42
  • Slightly decreased the rpm on the PKM
  • Increased the damage on the MG36 XMAS
  • Foreigner job is no longer locked to Mexican nationality
  • Gun Dealers can now sell STEN shipments
  • You can no longer use the color tool to make props/ents completely invisible
  • Hobo Lord will now spawn with a Luger
  • There is now a chance to get a Frag Grenade in /chest
  • Added more items to the dumpsters
    • Colt Python
    • Deagle
    • M92 Satan
    • Raging Bull
    • Raging Bull - Scoped
    • Remington 1858
    • S&W Model 3 Russian
    • S&W Model 500
    • S&W Model 627
    • Glowstick - custom
  • Increased the minimum amount of money you can get from dumpsters to $750
  • Made the max hit price $1,500,000 so no more accidental hits for all your money

Thanks to @Damplips for the ideas

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