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Report on Rascist.


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Your in-game name: Kazlick


Users IGN: Racist.


Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/: STEAM_0:0:558363587


Explain what happened: I was basing and then this guy came and raided me as a pd with his raid bat or whatever it calls without adverting pd raid. He also didn't have a valid reason for the pd raid but sadly it didn't go with the clip. He prop mingied my base so to avoid getting killed by me. Since he didn't advert raid or something like that it doesn't counts as nlr to go back to my base. So I did it multiple times and he kept rdming me. Sadly I only have 2 mins as option on my clipping program which is medal so I didn't get everything recorded. But I still have video that proves he rdmed me a couple of times, prop mingied, etc. 


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. Saying "just look at server logs" isn't evidence)

Here is the clip, sorry for the bad quality I'll update my medal settings. https://medal.tv/clips/65649584/d1337T7EdyQc?invite=cr-MSxNSkssMjQwMzg5NTUs

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