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MBRP Mod request  

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  1. 1. Hello Exhibitionists, I am Shrimp, also known as Cocksuckler on MBRP. This is my Request form to become a moderator on MBRP Because I feel like I would fit well as a moderator. I'm up late at night so I can catch those pesky prop-blockers and help the community that I Love so much. I've spent the past several weeks playing on this server in 5-9 hour increments and try my best to report people breaking the rules. I have read the rules to the best I can and try to follow them to my best ability. I am 14 years old and very lenient towards people except when they constantly do something to me. Example: (I give people two chances before I report them). In the past I have had issues with staff I,E, accidentally kidnapping a staff member without advert but other than that I don't have any other bad terms with the staff. I like to greet every one of the staff members when I get on and they greet me back. My favorite staff member is suki because she (most of the time) has a great attitude towards me when I call for a sit. I've previously spent 50 dollars on this game to obtain the exhibitionist rank and the perma-harpoon and plan to spend more. The reason I feel I should be a mod is because I love taking care of the community that takes care of me each day. The moderators around me think that I should try to get the mod roll on the server so this is my shot at it. I also think I should be hired on because it adds more responsibility to my life. Recently I've been cooped up in my room with no purpose and I feel this would make me be less of a potato. My time zone is MDT and I go to bed at 2 am MDT so I'll be up late catching misdemeanors. The amount of time I've spent is crazy compared to my other games at 76 (Almost 77) hours. Those are the reasons I feel I should be a moderator. Thank You MBRP , Shrimp (AKA Cocksuckler).

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Why did you even paste this into one giant poll instead of making a proper thread then make a proper poll with the proper title/description in which you can find this in the TOS.. Your entire application shouldn't be posted as a poll... I HIGHLY suggest you to remake your application using the appropriate format.

Also you're applying for MBRP, not DRP.



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