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Halloween Update Coming October 13th!

We are releasing our Halloween update on October 13th, this will come with new jobs, new content, and new cool exclusive rewards!


2/24/22 Update Log.


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  • Hobo King now has access to search dumpsters
  • You can no longer toolgun the turret
  • Turrets will now be deleted when touching a safezone
  • Added more spots to collect trash in the sewers
  • Added a trash system in the sewers 
  • Added a few hobo dumpsters in the sewers
  • Added new spawn points for the skeleton dwellers
  • Added new safezone for skeleton dwellers 
  • Added Health, armor & bank vendors for skeleton dwellers


  • Fixed duplicating health glitch with raid bags
  • Fixed glitch with raid bags sending you back to spawn
  • Turrets will now be deleted when touching a safezone
  • Extended the spawn safezones to counter a spawn block dupe
  • Blacklisted the truck model
  • You can no longer use color or some materials on turrets
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