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3/9/2022 DRP Update Log!


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  • Jobs Update
    • Added
    • Added a Cat job
    • Added a Monkey Job
    • Added a Cultist Leader Job
    • Added a Cultist Member Job
    • Added a Goose Job
    • Edits
    • Changed Pet job name to Dog
    • Changed the playermodel of Skeleton Dweller
    • Changed the playermodel of Pizza Chef (Might change again)
  • Custom Class Update
    • Fixed an issue with adding friends to ccs charging an incorrect price
    • Fixed various other errors/bugs
    • Added Vapes to the cc maker/editor
      • Normal Vape
      • Juicy Vape
      • Hallucinogenic Vape
      • Helium Vape
      • Golden Vape
      • Custom Vape
      • Butterfly Vape
      • Dragon Vape
      • American Vape
      • Biggie Bong
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